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How to Reduce Data Costs in Malawi

There has been a lost of buzz on social media on the issue of internet pricing in Malawi, especially after this report  which showed Malawi as having the highest internet prices in the world ! In this guest blog piece, Wilson Kyumba discusses ways to reduce Internet Costs in Malawi. There are a number of factors that can be attributed to the high cost of data in Malawi but the main one is the market failure (insufficient competition). The major telecom players in Malawi control both data wholesale and retail markets. They dominate the entire data supply chain. This has ended up creating a monopolistic environment of some sort. These players are themselves carriers of bandwidth right from Malawi’s borders to the end consumer. To achieve data affordability for the country there are short-term measures to provide temporary relief and there are medium to long term measures which will bring sustained affordability in the long run. Short Term measures Operationalize the universal access fund

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