Thursday, March 05, 2009

ICANN@Mexico City

Attending the ICANN meeting in Mexico City. Part of the Kenyan delegation that has come to support Kenya's bid to host ICANN the ICANN 2010 Africa meeting.

Normally the host for this meeting would be announced by the board during this session in Mexico City - but a last minute change in date for the 2010 Africa meeting has led the board to decide to defer their announcment of the host to April 2009.

Besides Kenya, other African countries that have put in bids are Nigeria and Namibia. We feel that since ICANN has already been hosted in West Africa twice, in North Africa twice and in Southern Africa once - but never in East Africa - our proposal should have a strong chance - based on the premise that ICANN tries to give/get as much exposure in local/regional settings by having it's 3 annual meetings in diverse locations.

An interesting thing I found at the meeting is a caricature service where a digital photo is taken of you - and sent to an artist in Texas, who within 24 hours does a caricature. Here is mine:

It is now part of my profile on the ICANNWIKI website at Very interesting!

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