Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Swing Blues

My golf swing has jammed, refused, kwama'd, kataa'd - basically I'm struggling with my game. No amount of playing rounds and rounds of golf seems to help ... well, that's not entirely true, there has been a slight improvement over the past couple weeks, but still nowhere near the game I want to play, oh sorry, the game I *know* I can play.

Maybe I need to follow the footsteps or my arch-foe and favorite playing buddy, Mambo. He had his swing 'rebuilt' after a couple visits with Zacks, the teaching pro at Golf Park - and then did lots and lots of practice. Within less than a month he is winning competitions every week and has dropped four strokes off his handicap. Needless to say his 'new' swing was a good investment (he has his hand in my pocket almost every time I have a match and bet against him). So, do I have the patience and discipline to take the time to see a teaching pro?

You bet I have! There's no way I can carry on like this. Nowadays when I stand on the tee I am so full of uncertainty because basically I don't know what's going to happen next. Last week on one hole i hit a beatiful drive with a gentle draw 270 yards out to the middle of the fairway and finished with par. On the next hole I duck-hooked into some vicious bush and finished with 3-over-par - arrggh. This kind of inconsistency wreaks havoc on one's game. So I guess I'll have to take my medicine and see the pro after all.....

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