Monday, January 21, 2008

iPhone vs. Palm Treo 680

After gleefully taking ownership of an iPhone mid-November '07 I quickly realised that I had in my hands a device with mind-boggling potential. All the way from the underlying UNIX to the insanely beautiful looks..

There were, hovwever, a few 'gotchas' that I simply could not live with. First and foremost among these is the 'locked' approach that Apple is taking to rolling out the device. Admittedly I had mine working with both Kenyan GSM operators within minutes of opening the box. But to do that I had to literally hack the phone with the kind assistance of fringe programmers known as the 'iPhone Dev Team'. Among others gotchas were the inability to manage SMS without 3rd party app, inability to manage call log w/out 3rd party app, difficulty in copying playlists from my old (1st generation) iPod etc. Add on to this the extreme grief I went through after my iPhone took a swim in the Indian Ocean and gave me hell on earth trying to open to dry out. Eventually got it working but that was after several scratches, bumps and bruises had soiled the sweet lines of this dazzling gadget.

As an afterthought I decided to 'retry' the Palm platform. One with which I have been familiar for some 10 or so odd years. The experience was totally life-changing. Almost like rebirth, I must admit that Palm still has the most incredibly intuitive and easy to use platform I have ever come across. With my black Apple Macbook and my Treo 680 I feel like I can do anything.

Palm rules!
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Arnold Iro said...

I am in the same boat. did exactly the same thing. same conclusion.