Monday, June 11, 2007

Last night over dinner I had a very stimulating discussion with an icon of the computer age - John Gage. John had some very interesting ideas about how Google Earth could be used to track connectivity status of schools around Kenya.

I wasn't exactly sure how this would look or work until today when I saw how world bank is tracking the ease/difficulty of doing business across 175 countries. Check it out:

The "Doing Business Map": How easy (or difficult) is it to do business in 175 countries? is a part of The World Bank Group and offers a database to "..provide objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement. The Doing Business indicators are comparable across 175 economies. They indicate the regulatory costs of business and can be used to analyze specific regulations that enhance or constrain investment, productivity, and growth."

To make it easier to browse this database The World Bank Group has created a Google Maps mashup called the "Doing Busiess Map" which creates a map view to the the database they are providing as a service from their website. Now entrepreneurs and business people all over the world can more easily create business plans and develop their overall business strategy. It is truly a Google Maps mashup that has the potential to change the way the world operates.

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