Monday, January 16, 2012

TriplePlay service in my house

After arriving back in Kenya from an extended time away (close to 18 months), I decided that it would be more economical to set up a cable connection to the house and subscribe to broadband, TV and voice services with local Triple Play provider Zuku. At first I tried to access their website to obtain details on what the connection would cost, in terms of packages available, equipment requirements, setup costs, and monthly subscription. This proved futile as for some reason, my Safaricom 3G connection was rendering me very slow access to the media rich Zuku website. I opted to send an email to the sales email address listed on their website.

Having not received a response by mid-morning the next day, I decided to post a message to the local tech mailing list "Skunkworks" asking for help in making contact with Zuku. As usual I got a lot of very helpful responses, made a couple of phone calls and within 1 hour had a sales representative sitting in my dining room taking me through the various packages and options. I couldn't decide which TV package to get because he didn't have the printed TV Guide with the channel listings so we agreed that he would email it to me later and we would pick up the following day.

The next day, after reviewing the channel listings, I decided on the package I wanted, stopped by the sales office in my neighborhood and made the payment for installation and first month's service. I then went home to wait. Within less than 1 hours a technical team was on site doing the installation and 1 hour later I was flipping channels on my TV. It took a little longer to get the internet and telephone service up because the provisioning involved the installers getting a "customer code" and linking it to my service type. Nevertheless, within 2 hours I had blazing fast broadband (I chose the 8MB shared service) and a working telephone line in the house.

All I can say is that I was very impressed at the service. Having run ISPs for close to 10 years myself I know how hard it is to get a smooth transition between sale, service subscription, installation, configuration and commissioning. Zuku seems to have gotten it right.

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Tumechoka said...

Im surprised you are impressed with their efficiencies given that "Skunkworks" seems to be the one channel that you would reach them through. Kinda like having a beautiful house with the main door shut and the only way to get in to enjoy its trapping is through an underground cave whose existence you should have known previously.