Monday, June 11, 2007

Palm announces "Mobile Companion" - Revolutionary new approach towards Data/Mobility for "Active" Proffessionals

In a move that has attracted both strong criticism as well as raccous applause, Palms' Jeff Hawkins announced a new approach towards Mobility and Data with the "Foleo" - a new device tagged as a "Mobile Companion" and intended to work in tandem with a Palm Treo Smartphone (either Palm or Windows Mobile OS). It was also suggested that the Foleo will shortly be able to work with smartphones running any of the other popular smartphones OS i.e. blackberry & symbian.

The Foleo has a large screen and full-size keyboard (which makes email and working with documents much easier), Wi-Fi, and an on/off button that actually does just that...instant on, instant off (i.e. no boot up).

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