Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Robbed! Last night some thugs broke into my offices and took off with several computers, my DSL equipment, UPS and a bunch of other communication equipment....... arrgggh! These are some of the realities of living in the land of Zinj.

Unfortunately I hadn't set up insurance on the premises yet - only been there 2 1/2 weeks and with too much travel during that period. Anyway now I can safely say that insurance and security are among my top priorities. Just below off-site backup .... yes, I didn't have an off-site backup of the data on these machines, grrrrrr! Anyway thank goodness when I called my financial consultant to report the incident he reassured me by telling he had backed up my Quickbooks till February, so I only need to recover one month's data - phew!

And they call this living in the fast lane? Ha!

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